USB flash drive with built-in fingerprint scanner

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USB flash drive with built-in fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint sensors have become almost an integral part of any smartphone, tablet, and some laptops. The Chinese company Elephone went further and use technology to protect the data on the USB-stick. U-Disk model, in addition to the fingerprint data, equipped with a sophisticated encryption algorithm, and its memory is divided into two parts – for general and for private use.

Data from the general part could see anyone. The second part of the memory access is possible only after successful authentication via a fingerprint scanner. This means that in case of theft, the attacker will not be able to take advantage of the hidden information, unless, of course, is not the right thumb stick zaimeet owner.

By scanning speed and performance, the scanner Elephone U-Disk can be compared with similar sensors in the budget smartphones. In addition to the above, the product has a metal housing and support for Windows operating systems, MacOS, Linux and Android. The release date and the cost of new items not yet been announced.

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