Space-sim ‘Elite Dangerous’ Coming to Xbox One

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Space-sim 'Elite Dangerous' Coming to Xbox One

We’re still unsure once No Man’s Sky is returning to PS4, however within the meanwhile Xbox One fans have their own slice of area exploration nirvana to appear forward to. Elite: Dangerous has been out on computer for a few time, and since Gregorian calendar month it is also been obtainable to Xbox players as a part of the Xbox Game Preview program. Now, creator Frontier Developments has confirmed that the complete console version are launching on October sixth. the sport is unbelievably immersive, with a huge galaxy and superbly designed ships to pilot. The vast, empty nature of area comes with its drawbacks, but — if you are expecting AN endless stream of dogfights and suspensive offer runs, you may be unsuccessful. the primary in a very series of “Horizons” expansions is due on computer this vacation, adding planetary landings, however it’s unclear specifically once it will make the lightspeed jump to Xbox One.

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