Smart locks are not as reliable as their authors claim

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In recent years, products of “Internet of Things”, controlled remotely using the remote control or smartphone / tablet, with enviable speed supplement market technique, however, found Merculite Security experts, their developers did not pay enough attention to the creation of a reliable system of security and protection of the product itself. And this despite the fact that the price of such devices, like smart locks for the doors of houses, smart refrigerators, kettles, coffee machines, smart pots and so on, is very high. By the way, only four of the sixteen popular smart locks were able to pass the test hacking experts.

So, smart locks from Quicklock, iBluLock, Plantraco and some other companies passed passwords in an unencrypted form. Such negligence allows attackers to intercept important data via Bluetooth-sniffer. Of particular concern to the testers Anthony Rose and Ben Ramsey caused Quicklock model, which allows an attacker to gain administrator password and lock the door, leaving the user inside or outside. The only way to cancel the part of such action – to remove the battery, which is available only if the door is open.

Locks Ceomate Bluetooth Smartlock, Elecycle Smart Padlock, Vians Bluetooth Smart Doorlock and Lagute Sciener Smart Doorlock proved vulnerable to the method of replay, the door can be opened or closed using the recorded signals of the respective teams. This method of hacking is known for more than ten years, but the gadget developers have not considered it.

Smart device from Okidokey also managed to crack. After deciphering “patented proprietary encryption methods,” Anthony Rose and Ben Ramsey made changes, because of which the castle began to fail and no longer open. Merculite Security experts have written Okidokey corresponding letter, but instead of answering, the company closed its site, but the castle is still for sale on Amazon. However, some manufacturers have responded to the infamous unmasking work Merculite Security. For example, developers released the August Smart Lock “patch,” The security-enhancing smart lock.

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