Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has undergone a series of tests (3 videos)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 became the world’s first device with the latest tempered safety glass Gorilla Glass fifth generation. As a company Corning says its latest development is 1.8 times stronger than Gorilla Glass 4, and in addition, in most cases, going through a fall onto a hard surface from a height of 1.6 meters. Considering that the replacement of the curved screen with the last generation glass in Galaxy S7 Edge costs $ 270, the journalists decided to visually check the manufacturer’s application and subject to the novelty test series.

YouTube-channel XEETECHCAR posted a series of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 screening tests on your page with a demonstration of the true abilities of the device. The drop-test blogger threw a brand new flagship of the concrete surface. The first fall of the smartphone cracked glass in the corner of the back side, however, a series of falls did not cause visible damage to the screen in the form of cracks or scratches.

The impact of the knife blade had no effect on 5 Gorilla Glass, but hammering tempered glass was cracked almost immediately in the “Home” button, showing where the novelty weak spot. The area of the main chamber proved to be more resilient to shocks. To fully break protects the smartphone surface blogger had to work hard. As noted test, Gorilla Glass 5 is really stronger than that of glass, which is installed in the Galaxy S7.

Water treatments Galaxy Note 7 was subjected, along with Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S (officially in apple flagship has not been reported no standardized protection against water). After 10 minutes, stay in the water all the three smartphones have kept working condition.

Thus, despite the fact that Gorilla Glass 5 really stronger than the previous generation, 100% protected from the effects of incidence apparatus tempered glass is not capable.

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