Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has undergone a series of tests (3 videos)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 became the world’s first device with the latest tempered safety glass Gorilla Glass fifth generation. As

Fuchsia – the new operating system from Google

Fuchsia by Google. As it became known, soon, Google Inc. can expand your list of operating systems. Now it includes

Glowing Tattoos to control gadgets by MIT and Microsoft

Good news – wearable look. These stylish glowing tattoos can do more than just look cool in the future. A

iPhone 7 coming out on September 7

Well, say goodbye to the 3.5 mm headset this fall. Publication Bloomberg reports that Apple will introduce iPhone symbolic 7

USB flash drive with built-in fingerprint scanner

USB flash drive with built-in fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint sensors have become almost an integral part of any smartphone, tablet, and

iPhone 7 Plus comparison with all previous iPhone’s

iPhone 7 Plus comparison. Presentation of the next generation iPhone is not far off and thanks to the many information

Hiking hydro electric power gadgets charger

Hiking hydro electric power gadgets charger. Enomad presented your portable charger on Kickstarter that generates energy through the power of

Smart locks are not as reliable as their authors claim

In recent years, products of “Internet of Things”, controlled remotely using the remote control or smartphone / tablet, with enviable