iPhone 8 with frameless OLED-display and 4K-camera

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You thought about what would be the new iPhone 8? What innovations, design elements and functions he will get? Designers have a unique opportunity to visualize and guesses and their own assumptions, gathering them into a single image of the future of apple smartphone. Scold creators or to thank for their work, solve, of course, the public. But who among us did not build their own guesses, waiting for the next iPhone presentation and hoping for the realization of the device a wireless charging method, the installation of high-quality OLED-display with a resolution of 4K, the use of a more capacious battery, and so on?

The new concept of designer iPhone 8 is a sleek black casing covered with durable sapphire stack with OLED-display, completely devoid of the side frames. There is no smartphone 3.5-mm audio jack, but present: the camera with 4K-resolution, stereo speakers, the SIM e-card, wireless charging and an integrated touch key in the Home screen. As seen from Apple engineers decide to implement, we can see no earlier than September 2017.

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