Galaxy Note 7 tests for scratches, bending and jamming

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The last test showed that toughened and curved on the sides of the glass Gorilla Glass 5 installed in the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note7, good protects the unit when dropped onto concrete from a height of 1.6 m. Random blows with a hammer can be also not afraid, unless they are unintentional and nemetodichnye. Video blogger with Jerry Rig Everything channel decided to add a series of new items of tests and checked the Gorilla Glass on the latest generation of scratch resistance. To do this, the experimenter used the tools calibrated Mohs scale of hardness.

As it turned out, the tool of hardness Level 3 was able to leave a nasty scratch on the glass. It is worth noting that his predecessor, Gorilla Glass 4, yielded products with a hardness level 5-6. Test Author advised all owners of Samsung Galaxy Note7 and other devices with Gorilla Glass 5 not ignore the use of the film for the screen: “On a scale of hardness of 5 Gorilla Glass just a notch plastic.”

But the flagship of the bend was not easy. Bloggers could only slightly change the shape of the device, but it did not affect the device performance.

In addition, Jerry Rig Everything not ignored another important point – Galaxy Note stylus 7 was tested for “jam”. With such a “problem” encountered owners Galaxy Note 5, if the digital pen accidentally or deliberately inserted into the other side of the slot.

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