Fuchsia – the new operating system from Google

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Fuchsia by Google. As it became known, soon, Google Inc. can expand your list of operating systems. Now it includes well-known and recognized all over the world of Android, and Chrome OS. However, Google Git repository discovered mention of a new platform called Fuchsia ( «Fuchsia”). In contrast to the aforementioned operatsionok, future innovation is not using Linux as a base. It will work on the basis of Little Kernel kernel components Magenta. This factor allows theoretically use Fuchsia OS in any system ranging from embedded devices with limited hardware to modern smartphones and computers. To create the user interface of the operating system use a framework Flutter, is responsible for drawing Escher engine with support for OpenGL and Vulkan. Fuchsia compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit ARM-chips, as well as 64-bit processors for PCs. The main programming language is the Dart.

However, in the near future should not expect, that will replace the Fuchsia OS Android and / or Windows, OS X. It is possible that the search giant is preparing a platform that will be the analogue of Tizen OS from Samsung. Or it will be designed for virtual reality and robotics. In any circumstances, Google developers say that the new project is open, and very soon will be released assembly system for Raspberry Pi 3.

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