1- Techtree Certification Course Programs Are Available For Which Age Groups?

Students across the world ages 10 to 60 years can enroll themselves to participate in various IT certification course programs and learn from TechTree classes.

Schedule a welcome call with us to communicate regarding the right time to put a name down.

2- Are There Any Requirements To Sign Up In Techtree Courses?

We want all our students to be able to:

  • Sit hushed and give attention to the sessions of 1 hour with their respective mentor
  • Should be able to type at least 5-10 words (children), 20 words (college students and working professionals) on a keyboard each minute
  • Should be able to use the mouse in parallel to keyboard (mandatory for college students and working people) 
  • (For college students and working people) They should be able to read the words fluently in the coding blocks

The recommended age for joining our certification course programs is 10. If a student meets all of these, they can schedule a welcome call to get more information about enrolling in the course program.

3- How Can A Student Get Ready For Their First Class?

Below are a few important set up guidelines for the first class.

  • Open up https://techtree.us/and login to the account already created
  • Ensure that to be ready with PC or Mac to attend online classes and have proper internet connection.

4- What Are The Expected Time Commitments?

To ensure participants success, we want them to at least commit to 3 classes with TechTree per week. When a student purchases a course they are given two choices namely- 3 classes a week and 5 classes a week, out of both a kid has to choose anyone according to their needs. However to complete the course faster and attain success quite sooner, taking 5 classes a week program will be the right fit. Our mentors will customize the teaching pattern according to your weekly schedule.

5- Is A Satisfaction Guarantee Provided?

Yes, of course, it is provided. When a student signs up with TechTree, he/she is offered demo classes that are free of cost. Based upon a student’s level of satisfaction, the decision can be taken. 

#1- Learner Portal-

1- How Does A Participant Have Access To Techtree Learner Portal?

TechTree learner portal is found at https://techtree.us/. A participant will have to create an account and need to verify through a verification link you will get through the mail. After he or she successfully enrolls, the participant will be confirmed regarding their class plan. Once the account is created, enrolled kids’ moms and dads can log in to the account anytime.

2- What’s The Roadmap?

Aspirants can use the roadmap in our TechTree’s learner portal to come across the pathways through the certification courses and to learn more about learning targets for all course programs. From there one can:

  • Browse all courses
  • Visualize how you can level up through our certification programs
  • Get an idea about the learning targets for all course programs
  • View progress for all learning targets, as updated by mentor

Generally, TechTree’s aim is to offer a candidate a thorough understanding of all concepts and topics in the time they spend with TechTree.

#2- Course-

1- Will A Student Get Certificated Once Completed Course Program?

Yes, 100% a participant after the successful completion of the course with TechTree will get a certificate stating about their achievement. The certificate is accessible at the learner portal which can be viewed and downloaded.

2- Can I Choose A Course For Me? I Think I Should Be In An Advanced Course Program?

Placed into a course that’s the right fit is important. Starting at a point that is too advanced can be upsetting and fruitless. The participants need to focus on creating a strong and long-term basis that will serve learners for the upcoming years.

Well, there are many people found that have done advanced courses with other programs and comes to TechTree for additional practice on the fundamental concepts to polish skills to work in a firm productively.

It’s all up to a candidate and his/her needs and choices.

#3- Our Mentors-

1- How Is A Participant Matched With A Mentor?

After the enrolment are successfully done our team pairs up each participant with the mentor by considering a few crucial aspects like age, previous experience, learning pattern, gender, and schedule availability. 

Participant and mentor matching are done carefully by us to make teaching and learning productive, instead of wastage of time and effort.

2- How Do I Communicate With An Instructor?

To ensure the mentor’s privacy, we want you to communicate with the instructor in any of these ways:

After a session, you have the choice of leaving feedback for it. From there you can ask the questions or can share your feedback. You will get a notification through mail when you get a response.

If you want to talk to the mentor directly, try to catch them at the starting of the session or at the end of the session.

3- Can Instructor Write A Letter Of Recommendation?

TechTree will be always happy to ask a mentor to write a letter of recommendation supporting participants and share their experience with the student. 

While we aren’t sure whether the mentor will be able to write it, we will be happy to ask always.

#1- Scheduling And Attendance-

1- What If A Participants Gets Late For Online Class?

If a participant is not seen joining a class within several minutes after the planned start time, the support team member will reach through text messages to find and help in case there are any issues and will resolve them faster.

If we don’t get a response from a participant, the mentor will wait for 15 minutes after the planned start time of the class and will mark absent if didn’t get any response.

If a student knows very well that he or she will be late for the session, he can email or text message or call so we can get the notification and can continue to wait for the participant for some time. 

Regardless of what time a participant joins a class, it will end up at its scheduled time.

2- Is Techtree Open Year Round? What About Government/School/College Holidays?

Techtree classes run year-round. The classes won’t be there on the below listed holidays. Most of our participants are eager to learn when there is no school. If participants want to reschedule because of the holiday, they are welcome to reschedule the classes. They will be informed if the mentor needs to reschedule because of the holiday.

 Holidays on which TechTree remains closed:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving day
  • New year’s eve
  • New year’s day
  • Sundays

For these, participants will be notified well in advance that describes options for classes rescheduling.

Moreover, if you want to reschedule classes other than these days, you can talk to us.

3- How Long Is Each Techtree Class?

Each TechTree class is for 1 hour. 

#2- Rescheduling-

1- What Are Techtree’s Classes Rescheduling Policy?

In case you want to reschedule the class, it can be rescheduled 24 hours before with no charges. Participants have to inform us before 24 hours so that mentors can have time to plan and get ready for their tutoring agenda. On the whole, the class will be rescheduled for 1 time only as per the student’s need and choice.

1- What If Learner Faces Internet Connectivity Issues During Classes?

If a learner faces internet connectivity related issues during their sessions:

  • Students or parents need to check the internet speed at https://fast.com
  • If the internet speed is less than 10mbps, it is good to change the location or switch networks. Mentors and students get ready for the classes by ensuring that internet speed is more than 10mbps

2- What if the mentor faces issues hearing a participant?

If mentor faces troubles hearing a participant:

  • Ensure to double-check the audio button
  • Double-check the volume turned on
  • Leave class for once and then rejoin it

3- What if the mentor doesn’t see a participant?

If the mentor doesn’t see participants

  • Ensure that you rejoin classes 
  • Check whether your video camera is working or not. Restart your pc or laptop and then try to join a live video class

4- What if participants have trouble sharing their screens?

 Cannot find the share screen feature

  • Ensure that you have zoom client for meetings downloaded on your device (it should be an application)
  • See if the zoom window size is small to see the green share screen button. Ensure that the zoom window is stretched to the full size
  • In case both of these do not work or the participant is unable to install the Zoom app, the mentor can share the screen for the session with the participant

Screen share is iced up-

Did participant stop sharing screen using red stop share button that becomes visible after moving the mouse cursor to the screen top

  • Reshare screen from zoom app
  • If trouble continues, there may be poor internet connection

Screen share only presents the desktop backdrop-

For participants that use Mac OS recent version:

  • Open Mac system preference and go to security and privacy
  • Hit on the lock there at the screen left corner and enter the computer password 
  • Hit on the accessibility section and ensure that box is checked which is next to zoom.us
  • Hit on the screen recording section and ensure that box next to zoom.us is checked 

5- What if the mentor cannot request annotate?

If mentor fails to request annotate:

  • Ensure that you already have downloaded the Zoom app on PC or Mac. Participants have to join meeting via app only
  • Ensure that participants don’t use chrome book as its features aren’t on hand on chrome book 

1- How can a participant update the payment method?

To update the method of payment, get in touch with the administrator team via info@techtree.us and get help on updating the payment method

2- Where a participant can find course pricing?

To get an idea about the certification course program pricing, all participants can visit the course details page.

3- Do TechTree provide discounts for siblings?

 Yes, TechTree provides discounts for siblings of 10%.

1- How to refer others to TechTree?

At TechTree, we are always seeking to bring the unsurpassed learning experience and community to the participants extensively. To refer to new, you can visit the techtree.us/refer page.

 For new ones that you refer and get enrolled, techtree offers 10% of the course pricing as a referral amount.

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