Glowing Tattoos to control gadgets by MIT and Microsoft

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Good news – wearable look.

These stylish glowing tattoos can do more than just look cool in the future. A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Microsoft Research Center have developed a manufacturing process called “DuoSkin”, thanks to which are temporary tattoos of metal that act as interfaces on the skin. MIT Media Lab has already demonstrated his invention in three different ways. First – it can be used to enter commands to control mobile devices and computers, transforming your skin into the trackpad button or slider. Second – turning your skin into a kind of screen that can change color depending on body temperature. And finally, the third – can store information that can be read by phones and other devices with NFC-enabled protocol.

One of the leading developers, Cindy Xin Liu Cao (Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao), said that DuoSkin tattoos are fairly simple to apply. You can use any graphics software to create drawings, like elements of the circuit, and then put on top of the gold material to create conductivity. Many research groups, in addition to Kao, develop high-tech temporary tattoos that look really attractive to wear. If you want to know about DuoSkin more going to the website at MIT, but first watch this video below:

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