7 Most Common Diseases Caused by Gadgets – How to Protect Yourself

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The best friend of modern man is a smartphone. However, the rapid development of gadgets and the Internet has a negative side. We tell what diseases cause technology. Doctors advise how to protect yourself.

Sore brush or finger – the effect of keyboard, mouse and smartphones

Following back and neck pain, many people began to complain of numbness and pain in the area of ​​the hand. The most common of the “new” diseases of gadget fans is carpal tunnel syndrome, aka the carpal tunnel . Most often people who type large volumes of text suffer: secretaries, journalists, translators. In recent times, tunnel syndrome has been diagnosed among gamers. They actively use the keyboard and mouse or gamepad.

What is tunnel syndrome? Hands while using a mouse or gadget are unnaturally bent at the wrists. This leads to compression of the nerve and causes pain in the hand and numbness of the fingers. Another disease associated with the constant activity of the same type of the same muscles, like typing or scrolling on a smartphone screen, is tendovaginitis, in which tendon sheaths are inflamed. It is also very, very painful.

Techno-blogger and start-up Om Malik due to tunnel syndrome refused iPhone 7 Plus. “How many injuries have people suffered after the start of the era of touch interfaces?” Gadgets have become more and rooted in our lives. So, I’m not the only one who suffered, ”Malik is sure. Because of the pain in the wrist of his left hand and thumb, he had to switch to iPhone SE. Most likely, he will have an operation.

How to protect yourself. Doctor’s tips:
“Preventing tunnel syndrome and tendovaginitis is easier than curing. You need to take breaks in the work every half hour. In addition, the simplest gymnastics is useful: shake hands, clench into fists, use an expander. The enemies of a person with a gadget are monotony and the use of the same muscles. Try to make a variety of movements, alternating them with the rest. ”

– Nina Antonenko, general practitioner, candidate of medical sciences

Vision deteriorated – display radiation damage

Remember the huge CRT monitors, which are all carefully weighed protective nets and cacti furnish? The world has changed, the screens have become thinner and show a steeper image. However, the screens of computers and gadgets still spoil the vision.

Any screen is a source of light. Plus there are a lot of small details in which you have to peer. If you also hold it in your hands or on your lap, it is constantly in motion. This leads to visual fatigue and a shift in circadian rhythms – these are biological processes associated with the change of day and night. Even manufacturers have paid attention to the problem of eye fatigue. Many smartphones and tablets introduce the “evening” mode with a blue filter.

Gadgets are especially harmful to children. They often hold their phone or tablet very close to their eyes and spend a few hours watching games or watching cartoons. Due to the constant focusing of the gaze, the child’s vision deteriorates and myopia develops. Ophthalmologists prescribe glasses for many children.

How to protect yourself. Doctor’s tips:
“Avoid overstretching the eye muscles will help glasses with protective lenses and gymnastics for the eyes. Ideally, every hour (children every forty minutes) you need to take a break to give your eyes a rest. It is recommended to look away from the screen, blink a few times, focus on objects located in the distance. ”

– Vladimir Zolotarev, ophthalmologist

Dependence, attention deficit – too much information

Gadgets are with us everywhere, and we spend on the Internet several hours a day. In addition to work or study, there are too many important things to do. “Couch troops” attack, trolls – enrage, like other people’s photos from the holidays. And also disputes about politics, sports, cryptocurrencies (depending on the trend).

Dependence on social networks or online games is quite a serious disorder that is difficult to recognize. A person seems to be just wasting time online: shopping, playing, likes a video. The harder it is to diagnose compulsive use of the Internet.

Other illnesses are attention deficit disorder and limited brain atrophy. Both disorders are particularly susceptible to children. The Internet gives out too much information. We grab it in parts to somehow streamline. Ever-overloaded brain loses attention.

To memorize information in this situation there is simply no place. Easier to google. Namely, in the process of training in the brain, neural connections are formed, on which the “speed” of the brain depends.

How to protect yourself. Doctor’s tips:
“ Clip thinking is figurative, its antipode is textual thinking. It is necessary to read more texts, and not watch the video. As for Internet addiction, this is a change in psychology. If a person has nothing but virtual, he begins to move to that world. To prevent this from small children, you need to educate them. If mom, when a child cries, puts a smartphone to him, why be surprised at the dependency? Practice shows that such behavior is a consequence of other, deeper problems in the family. Internet addiction is a bright symptom. ”

– Alexander Fedorovich, psychotherapist of the highest category

There was an excess weight, the back – a sedentary life hurts

The Internet has destroyed borders and connected people. On the reverse side of the medal – we are too late. With a computer and a smartphone, you can communicate with millions of people without getting up from your chair. All services are already available online: from grocery delivery to ordering an apartment.

The problem is how we work with gadgets. At the table, we look forward, but more often than not, a laptop or monitor stands so that the gaze must be directed downwards. Plus you need to choose a comfortable chair and adjust it for yourself.

Few people do it seriously. The spine is the first to suffer. Stoop and poor posture – the first signs. A prolonged sedentary lifestyle leads to pain in the back and neck. Moreover, the curvature of the spine may change. Neglected diseases of the neck lead to dizziness, problems with pressure, headaches. Back problems can bring to radiculitis .

Another popular disease is obesity. We not only move a little, but also feed on something.

How to protect yourself. Doctor’s tips:
“Get up and move. It is impossible to spend calories sitting on a chair. And gadgets can help lose weight. There are game consoles with mobile games, pedometers, applications. An important point: try to share the gadgets and food. Stop crunching chips for a movie, drink coke while you play, and eat pizza, flipping through social networks. The brain simply does not control the amount and quality of food in this case, and you gain weight. ”

– Diana Ivleva, Dietitian, Gastroenterologist

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