10 Most Technological Skateboards in The World

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It will be because behind it has a ten-year history made of crew and artistic subcultures that have painted its charm, it will be because it is so rebellious, the fact is that the skateboard that bites the asphalt continues to make massacres of hearts. And the technology could only have a hand in it, hybridizing skateboards with bluetooth connectivity , wi-fi connections, powerful electric motors, anodized aluminum borrowed from the aeronautics, 3D printing to create the components …

Take for example the Riptide R1 Black , the last in the long list of so-called “surfskates”, ie road boards with special trucks to achieve a dynamic thrust similar to when trying to take speed surfing.

Thanks to his “Waterborne Surf Adapters”, the adapters that transform the road board into a similar surfboard, with Riptide R1 Black you can experience the thrill (and feel the breeze) of riding the wave. Fun, for sure.

For those who prefer the mountains to the sea, there is the EV4 Mountain Board Boardzilla , the electric skateboard that goes like a sliver on uphill dirt roads, wetting your nose to any mountain bike or trial bike nearby.

To find out all the news on the subject, including those presented in Las Vegas a few months ago on the occasion of CES 2019, browse the gallery above: don’t miss the top ten of smartest, most innovative and performing skateboards, stuff to make your ears whistle Tony Hawk!

Skate Board Gallery

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